We are T2M

At T2M we’re more than just consultants. Working primarily in renewables, AI and technology startups we unlock new markets and help businesses adopt a winning mentality and circular economy principles.

It’s about moving in the right circles at whatever level or stage you are at even in these tough times. At the top end in the last 18 months we have helped a European water treatment company win a 200 multi-million contract, helped a US player disrupt the UK control valve market, and worked with climate technology company that builds bioforges.

We’re also shaping the future of the SME sector during times of challenge and change. Right now, we’re fueling circular economy innovators in tech, community development, and regenerative agriculture powered by cutting-edge hybrid energy solutions. And that’s not all: we’re partnered with a revolutionary AI/GPT disruptor that’s poised to be Neil’s fourth IPO or yet another successful exit.

Our difference is clear, decades of explosive growth ignited by one visionary leader. The man who fueled Packard Bell’s rise from 6 to 115 people – and guided three more companies to IPOs before the age of 30 – is now your growth engine. CEO Neil Gentleman-Hobbs doesn’t just oversee, he drives results. His expertise and connections open doors, his charisma builds bridges, and his insights power innovation. Expect hands-on leadership that translates into tangible, organic growth for your business not charts and KPIs.

Ready to open your mind and some new doors? See our case studies below then schedule a free consultation today.

So we help you to grow by using a beyond digital boots-on-the-ground approach that inspires, motivates, builds teamwork, and in turn, we achieve organisational success together. Why not schedule a free consultation today.

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