3 Circular Economy and Community Wealth building

Our research into Circular Economy via Growing and Energy hubs has created a Community Wealth building vision that many have tied to conceal or steal. 

With the food and energy crises clearly the elephants in the room, we have formed strategic partnerships with the private, public and 3rd sectors.  Through scaled up versions of our heat and eat growing hubs communities will benefit from the energy  and the profit it generates.  Just  one turbine could power 1380 homes, pay for itself in a year with the money going back into the community every year after that

Our community  wealth building plan could see Town, city, district, county and national budgets, policies and operations become organised around these simple hubs.  The energy revenue will come back into the community to fund wellbeing and both physical and mental health (starting with natural food and healthy activities), time-use , good social governance and ecology. 

We must value and respect people and our planet. If you wish to hear more about our community wealth building projects and heat and eat please call or WhatsApp me on 07973 817 884 and let’s see if we gel.