Christmas Comes but once a year even in Telesales

The Christmas armistice is upon us as telemarketing friends and gracious gatekeeper reception foes lay down their phones to recharge their batteries over the festive period.

On behalf of our clients we would like to thank every receptionist, key facilitator and decision maker we have come across in the last 12 months. That’s right all 75,000+ of you (according to someone who seriously needs to get out more) whether you said yes sir no sir or three voicemails full sir.

Our clients and our clients clients have helped Tele2market to double again this year through us sowing the leads seeds for everyone to grow. No point coming second in sales we SMEs have to win! Always be closing – ABC – that’s the way it should be and with 100% client retention we are going to do at least the same again next year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and wealthy new year for the many not the few.

Neil the MD – a Gentleman by name and nature.