Brexit like a Customer is not just for Christmas it’s for life.

So far on the journey the Tele2market philosophy has generated lots of sales leads, closed out those opportunities and seen us grow with our SME and PLC clients.  Our non call centre telemarketing / telesales approach is key because we are sales people first.   This has embraced GDPR with the same style and smile that we greet each day and each voice, one call at a time, but granted there are lots of them.

No one knows what Brexit will mean for  the UK, let alone forget at your peril Yorkshire and Lincolnshire , but that has not stopped the optimistic people we continue to work with. They have put their faith, specifically the  lifeblood of their growth – the sales leads –  into our hands, in return we have consistently delivered and enjoyed it to boot!  You will never be undersold because passion is always in fashion  during a tele sales campaign.

Winning can create pressure, however the right recipe ensures we do to guarantee  putting a smile on the faces of all. Our calls are genuinely different because our people love their job,  we believe in what we will achieve.  Since  March 2018  each month has set a new record with all the profits reinvested in the right areas to  continue our organic growth. Respect reaps rewards for all it seems.

Our Telemarketing and beyond approach focuses on selling ideas and products.  The listening skill combined  with qualification begin within our internal communication, then our clients brief and finally those prospects.  As talkers we can use surprisingly few words to get results  because we are talking to people the right way.  Our clients needs are understood by us so that their future customers understand them.

Mondays cannot come soon enough –  that’s not sad but  it is true.  Share the happiness and success, pick up the phone and call for a quote on 01427 800048 to speak to a human being or email us to discuss your project at  neil @ or via Skype – Call Me

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