Telemarketing – the art of talking to customers

You have started a business in Yorkshire or Lincolnshire but now need the telemarketing support to get your idea, product or service to customers . Telesales is a skill that you may possess but that will mean an opportunity cost for your business at a time when you need to be focused on closing existing contacts or satisfying current projects or deals. Tele2market is the just-in-time business development or appointment partner you need.

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There are plenty of companies that seem willing and able to  help but do they have the experience in the market that you do? Can they really listen and learn? Do they want all the money up front for each run of appointments? Are they charging expensive day rates despite being unproven?

At Tele2market we have an honest and open approach with our customers and your customers. We call as you with a unique approach that qualifies and engages the client, after all politeness costs nothing, presenting your business in a refreshing and impressive way.

We talk to people on their level and, unlike many who undertake business development we will only send an email as a follow-up once the decision maker has expressed a genuine interest. Not only does the email need to go to the correct person but that qualified DM has to be both wanting and expecting it.

Tele2market specialise in the following sectors:-

  • Cold Call & Business Development.
  • Customer regeneration
  • Database & CRM cleansing
  • Product portfolio update
  • Relationship building
  • Telemarketing & e-marketing combination.

Please feel free to call to speak to a human,  leave a reply below or text 07973 817884 and let us discuss your project.

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