The BMT – Branding,  Marketing and telemarketing in one 4 day leads Blitz?

Tele2market successfully delivers the unique 4 day lead blitz that starts with message repositioning and quickly moves to telemarketing. This brand to sales campaign will create or close out cast iron opportunities rather than a run of the mill lead generation excersise .

So many companies are now marketing heavy  with inbound marketing seen as the only game in town. This automated approach lacks the flexibility,  pro-activity and passion that only hands on sales and marketing professionals can provide.  As human beings and brand ambassadors we adapt and therefore win for clients on a daily basis.

Do you want a sales campaign alongside or instead of a marketing campaign or one company to do both with their focus on winning?

If you wish to discuss a 4 day  brand to sales strategy  at £1500 please call today on  01427 800048 and we can show you what we have up our sleeve

Take a quick look at a case study here